How to Protect your Website From Google Penality

Having a website for a business is a great idea, it generates business, and helps boosting it. Once it is published and searchable on Google, you need to be very aware of all the Google Algorithms. If your website is not following the Google Algorithm, it can put your website in danger. Lets know the things you need to know to keep your website safe.

Content Is The Key

The website must have a unique content. It must not be copied or simillar to any other website simillar to your busines. I also suggest to keep the word colunt as much as possible. Generally it is suggested to have the word count of more than 300 words. But more is the content more is thed chances of getting it listed on searches. Be sure that you don’t even leave the Contact us page without content.

Customer Is King

We often make mistakes by adding more ads and less content on the page. Sometimes we add “Buy ” buttons more than “know more” button. Google don’t like if you keep promoting the your website on the same page.

We suggest you tgo stay safe by telling the customer more about the services. Explain in depth what your serv ices are and how your services can help in customer business. If the customer can understand more about your services then you will be able to get more custom ers and better outreach, and you will be able to achieve all that without paid marketting.

Creating Backlinks For The Website

Backlinks are the reference points for the website. More number of reference points more chances of your website promotion. It is very simillar to the reference in the real life. Lets understand this with this senerio:

You are looking for a new job but you came to know that here are few peopleif they refer you for the job you can be hired easily in the XYZ (reputed) company. Now let us understand who these persons are. Are they goons, or a office boy in the office or he is the manager in same organization.

Same happens with the link building. You need to be very careful while making the backlink to the website. The backlink tells a lot bigger story of the website. As now here the backlink cheked by Google or say Bing. So the bad backlink can totally ruin your business. So while making the backlink you need to be sure about the website has also a good reputation in the eyes of the search engine.

Online business can be very fruitful you just need to be focused on business and who your clients/customers are. Google keeps changing its algorithms, but many times it has nothing to do with your website. These are some of the primary changes which Google needs to make updation in order to provide the right data for the search queries. So stay safe by keeping the website updated for every change.

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